The internet has paved the way in making things simpler and easier. Shopping has never been very convenient as the introduction of online shopping has given household bodies the opportunity to purchase items in just a push of a button. Payment of bills and other transactions can now be done while online as well.  Training tutorials and other workshops are also made available though the internet. Templates to act as format in creating documents can also be downloaded online and one of these is the service level agreement or SLA.

Creating a service level agreement is not an easy task. Not only that it should be agreed upon by both parties but it also includes complex terminologies, making it more challenging and daunting to do. However, there are methods that can be done to make it more manageable and one of these is by using a template commonly known as the SLA Toolkit.

The SLA Toolkit was designed to make the creation of service level agreements in a far more straightforward manner. It is intended to produce a top quality document with no nonsense content, supplied primarily in MS Word format. The toolkit includes a template for an SLA, an interactive SLA Guide that explains every part of the agreement, an SLA introduction presented in MS PowerPoint format, another presentation explaining the key concepts of Service Level Management and a first rate audit and review tool to check the quality and content of the SLA. The SLA Toolkit can be ordered and purchased at the site:

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