In this age of modern technology, almost all things that we see and we do are driven by computer based information systems.  The desire of human beings to comfortably perform and do things rose to the increasing demands for an information system.  This is manifested not only in developed countries like the United States but has gained attention, too, with the developing and underdeveloped countries.  The presence of an information system manifests development, progress, and growth.  It is for this reason that the need to extend management of the information systems has tremendously grown.  A lot of countries have responded to this demand however, little by little, these MIS experts have been exhausted as MIS has outgrown the number of experts.  As a result, more and more people are in need to support the management of information systems. 

In every company where its process is computer driven, more MIS jobs are needed.  People must be able to fill in the position of the MIS Manager who takes control of the entire Management Information Systems department.  As a manager of MIS, he oversees the in-flow of data and the conversion process it requires in order for these data to be meaningful information.  There is also the high demand for MIS Database Administrator who supervises the people in the area of data capture and data store.  This is a growing demand for MIS people as the job of the Database Administrator is critically essential to the company. 

More and more jobs are expected to be generated because of the continuous growth in the MIS arena.  And for as long as the world is able to create and find new ways to simplify  the process, the need for MIS people will not come into cease.

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