It is substantially healthy and good to claim that every system has an issue that it faces.  The Enterprise Content Management system just like any other systems that we are all using face at a certain point some drawbacks and issues.  These problems are just but ordinary and may require some modification to the whole system.  

The Enterprise Content Management is bound to be exposed with different issues because of the massive usage and the dynamic characteristics that it possesses.  Below are some of the issues that the enterprise content management may experience and how to possibly combat each issue:

a.    Exposed to issues like frequent modification.  Every organization is exposed to a variety of elements that bring impact to the organizational processes.  Any system that works with any organization should adhere to possible changes in the business environment.  
b.    Cultural barriers.  People in the organization may have varying cultures about the implementation of new systems.  The enterprise content management is a system that may be something new to generally of the company employees and as such may bring barrier towards fully implementing it.  There are people who negate the presence of technological advancements and there are some who are resistant to changes because of the potential elimination of their comfort zone.  Possible cure to this is properly educating the people about the whole system.

These issues are some of the more common things that are being encountered when the enterprise content management is about to be implemented to a company.  

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