The SQL server regardless of the version contains in its engine an assorted embedded special service.  Although these add on services are not significantly bringing down the performance of the whole software as they are not integral to the operational activities, these services create an added dimension to the software apart from the central function of it being a database management software.  

One of the fundamental add on services that it contains is the reporting service.  The SQL Server 2005 Reporting service is an add on service that is focused on generating reports to which the data gathered is substantially emanating from the SQL Server database.  The reporting service is being facilitated via an interface on the web.  The web interface gives support on the creation of a customized reporting mechanism with which the resulting reports that are generated are RDL common files.  

The Report Service of the SQL Server 2005 for it to effectively generate the desired output requires the use of other software.  Microsoft has built the Microsoft Visual Studio which includes the Visual Studio .net 2003 that has the file to generate reports.  This file is enclosed within another file known as the Business Intelligence Development Studio which has the needed file – the Report Builder.  This file is very useful because the RDL files that are generated by the Report Service can then be transformed into any other file type such as an Excel file, an Extensible Markup Language file, an image file like a jpg or bmp file, or an Adobe Acrobat file.  

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