One of the most important processes that concerns software programs is the installation process. Installation is an easy and hassle free process to do.  However, installation becomes a tedious process when the procedures to install the software were not properly followed.  The worst thing that can happen when the installation process was not followed could result into a damaged installation file that can result into non-reversible process of total corruption of the installation file.  

The Standard Query Language installer file is a delicate file.  It needs to be handled with care when installing it on your system more so when you are executing any other commands while installing it.  Apart from that general guideline, you must need to remember quite a few things when installing the software:

a.    Installing the SQL Server varies depending on the SQL server edition and version. There are steps that may be tweaked from the other versions that you need to consider thinking about or may cause damage to the entire installation process.
b.    Installing the SQL server is also dependent on the type of operating system where it is going to be installed.  Microsoft  Windows Server 2003 has a different protocol in the installation of any software.  It is to be remembered that you need to be aware of the OS guidelines.
c.    Installing the SQL server takes many processes.  The process that you follow when you install the connectivity feature is different when you install the client tools for the SQL server.

Installing any software on the system requires quick thinking and logical analysis, too.  It may seem to look very easy but at a certain point things may just become complex for you.

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