When Microsoft Company created the Standard Query Language software, it made sure that the SQL Server is available in multiple versions that have the various features designed to target the dynamic and multiple needs of the targeted users.  This setup has been proven effective and a good marketing strategy that Microsoft has strategically launched.  

These setup versions are varying in terms of files sizes and features.  Below are some of the evolving setup versions:

a.    The SQL CE.  The Standard Query Language Server on a Compact edition is an embedded form of a server on one single engine.  This SQL server setup edition is smaller in file size that made its features a little less compared to the others.  The SQL CE is very limited in terms of features that it needs the application to host it before it can be executed.  
b.    The SQL EE.  The Standard Query Language Server on an Express Edition is a free SQL edition developed by Microsoft.  This setup version has the central database engine which means that it does not to be hosted by the same application that created it.  
c.    The SQL WE.  The Standard Query Language Server for Workgroup Edition is a lighter edition of the SQL setup versions.  The functionality remains the same as the SQL EE however, it does not have the SQL services embedded on it.
d.    The SQL Standard Edition. The Standard Query Language Server edition that has both the core engine and the additional services all in one package.  Although this is quite similar with the SQL EE, the standard edition does not have full support on the nodes in a given cluster.  

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