The System of Metadata Reporter

The Installation and Configuration of the Metadata Reporter
Metadata reporter mainly employs a diverse set of standards in analyzing repositories. In practice, PowerMart or PowerCenter repository allows metadata reporter generation of reports. The metadata reporter installation needs configuration so that the user can get access on it. To allow the configuration to take place, a set of components in installation of metadata reporter are essential. Such components include: the web server, the files in the metadata reporter, the repository of either PowerMart or PowerCenter is also required, database drivers, and web browser.

Every component should be properly installed and configured to effectively generate reports. Though the installation and configuration can be tough especially when taken care of by different people, a group of system administrators should be all oriented in doing the job to prevent further troubles.

Additionally, make sure that the particular systems of metadata reporter components are active and functioning properly. Such systems are: repository of PowerMart or Powercenter, database drivers, web browser, and a web server that supports Servlets of Java.

The Metadata Reporter Installation
In installation of metadata reporter the following steps should be followed exactly:
1. The spotting of the document root and servlet directories in the web server.
2. The installation of metadata reporter proper.
3. The configuration of the classpath contained in the web server.
4. The web server should be restarted to complete the installation process.

On the other hand the configuration can be done when the four sections of the Metadata Reporter Setup are ready. The sections are: the location of document directory, the list of repositories, advanced settings are properly connected to a repository database, and message frame enables setup tool displays warning.

The mentioned information is a clear-cut view of what truly happens in the installation and configuration processes of metadata reporter.

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