The mobile phone industry is fast becoming the podcasting genre of today.  The portability and the equal capacity of the mobile phone, as opposed to a personal computer,  have made it feasible for podcasting to be diverted into another platform – the mobile phone podcasting.  

Making a podcast a feasible feature of mobile devices has a lot of risks and challenges. But still, many mobile phone developers are positive that this can be a possible technology.  

Many mobile device developers have creatively thought about using the alternative channels to route and access the podcast features.  These are named as the network solutions and the client solutions.  The Wireless Access Protocol is a strong Internet and mobile protocol that can offer the podcast options on the end of the operator’s gateway.  

Podcast users can then start locating and finding the desired podcast they want. From there they can then execute the download process.  Although the disadvantage of this is the long waiting time to complete the download process because of the relatively huge size of the podcast file, however, the device developer are positive about fixing this issue.  

The other means that mobile device developers are thinking is through the employment of the client based solutions.  The client based solutions categorically eliminate too much amount of time being used in browsing and can therefore provide a sustainable download process without sacrificing the user friendly environment aspect of it.  This is rather one of the more appealing and interesting models that mobile device developers have clearly developed.  

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