Today, more and more people are leaning on their mobile phones when they need to send email, read emails and search the Internet. It is a fact that people nowadays could not live without a mobile phone on tow. And since more people are checking out websites using their phones, it is just proper that there should also be tools that would measure the web stats for those who are accessing the Internet using mobile phones.

It is expected that more people would access the Internet using their phone since iPhone made this possible by letting the people view the entire website from their mobile phones. Additionally, mobile advertising would become usable for tracking the web statistics of a website when accessed by mobile surfers.

So the question right now is who would keep track of these scores? Of course, since this trend of mobile surfing is quite new, the tracking of the web measurements is not yet that clear. There are some like Opera Software and Nielsen Mobile who have released some beta mobile web analytics tool. But until now the technology used is not yet defined. There are still a lot of improvements to be made to make sure that the information would be accurate. There are still a lot of methodology enhancements to be made so that the Internet mobile surfer’s behavior would be monitored and tracked. But one thing is for sure, should the mobile web analytics tools be improved, you can expect that more software or hardware would be sold to cater to these trends.

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