ITIL® or Information Technology Infrastructure Library is a collection of the best standards and policies for the service management for Information Technology. The creation of ITIL® is brought by the growing response of the business entrepreneurs’ dependence on IT to achieve the needs of the business and its goals. ITIL® offers businesses with a framework of practices to meet service quality and to survive difficulties that is associated by the growing of information technology systems.
  It was the government of UK that created ITIL® using the CCTA. It was quickly adapted all over the world as a best practice standard for IT services. ITIL® is a Registered and Community Trade Mark of the government office for commerce. It was developed in 1980’s later years and eventually became the de facto standard for service management world – wide in the mid 1990’s. ITIL® is popular since it has a scalable framework for public domain. Small and large businesses and even the businesses in between have adapted processes using ITIL®. ITIL® can be implemented according to the needs of each organization. ITIL® is composed of 6 sets and each is defined by its related feature. The sets that comprise ITIL® are: Service Support, Service Delivery, and Implementation of Service Management by Planning, Infrastructure Management of ICT, Application Management and The Business Perspective. Each set describes a particular discipline. There are also products and services included in ITIL® such as qualification, training, IT service management forums under the user groups and software tools. ITIL® covers many topics but it focuses mainly on the service management of IT.

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