Tumblr is usually equated as a clone of Twitter.  That’s because both services offer micro-blogging facilities.  However, Tumblr can be considered as a short journal web log.  That’s because you can post longer content on it than on Twitter.

If you have a Twitter account, you can feed your Twitter updates on Tumblr by using RSS subscription tool.  Your Tumblr readers therefore can follow your Twitter updates directly from your micro web log.

The advantage of Tumblr is you can post several varieties of content on your mini web log.  In fact, you can upload photos and video links on its facilities.  But because it is a mini web journal, there are also limits on the amount of content you can post.

One utility that is lacking on Tumblr is the capability to use SMS services to post updates.  SMS posting capability is a regular feature of Twitter.  That is why if you want to publish quickly and to get real time updates of feeds from your network, Twitter is your best option.

There are big differences between Tumblr and Twitter so the two services cannot be compared accurately.  For one, Tumblr lacks the socialization aspect of Twitter.  So you really cannot build a network there.  It’s more of a blogging service than a social networking tool like Twitter.

Twitter and Tumblr are two unique Web 2.0 technologies.  They are designed to enhance online interactivity and improve communication processes on the Internet.  You can use both services in order to maximize the potential of these social media.

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