Professional enterprise architects need an excellent certification program in order to enhance their career and most importantly, to gain the necessary skills upgrade that could be very useful in the practice of enterprise architecture.  There are many prestigious and recognized enterprise architecture certifications that can be found throughout the world.  These certifications are offered by architecture institutions, universities, and other higher learning business institutions.  The enterprise architecture certification is an important qualifying exam for enterprise architects in order to be recognized in the industry as a certified practitioner and expert on the design and development of corporate and organizational architecture.

Some enterprise architecture applications vendors also provide certification of professionals.  The certification given by these software vendors recognizes the ability of the enterprise architect to use their programs and applications.  These vendor-initiated certifications are also recognized in the industry.  Enterprise architects who will undergo training for specific program applications will be certified by the vendor as a qualified developer of a program.

The difference between the two types of enterprise architecture certification process lies in the focus of learning method.  The independent certification programs provide conceptual and theoretical training for the entire practice of enterprise architecture.  The different tools and software will also be introduced to the trainees.  After training, a certification exam will be given. On the other hand, the vendor specific certification process provides training for just one application.  Trainings on the use of their software will be provided and an appropriate certification will be given to the enterprise architect.

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