Google is not just the world’s number one search engine; it is also offers one of the best advertising programs in terms of effectiveness and budget-friendliness. This program is called the Google AdWords program.  Thanks to AdWords, even the personal blogger who just wants to direct more traffic to her blog can pay for advertising.

Just how does this program work? It’s quite easy. A customer, typically a site owner or online entrepreneur, has two options laid out for her, and these options are site impressions and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. For site impressions, her ads will appear in websites that match her specified criteria which includes keywords, demographics, domain names, specific website links, etc. The customer will pay for each time her ad appears in websites. For PPC, the customer will just have to pay for each time her ad is clicked on.  Either way, she has control over what market her ads will end up targeting.

There is no specific secret to success when it comes to AdWords. It all boils down to the content of the ad itself. Many people are too concerned with having too many relevant keywords in an ad and forget about making the ad compelling and intriguing. Ads can appear 100% all the time in the most relevant websites, but they will not get enough attention of they are not engaging. AdWords can only take an ad so far. In the end, the content of the ad itself, and subsequently, the content of the website to which the ad is linked to, is what will  sustain the target market’s interests.

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