Podcasting, because of its popularity and benefits, has been adopted by many institutions—and that includes using podcasting in a school setting. Yes, you are in the right perspective if you have thought about employing podcasting in a school.  These days where seemingly almost all things are capable of being made and performed via the Internet, podcasting in a school setting is never an unimaginable idea. In fact, it is a common and widely used idea.  

A school podcast can have a wide range of podcasts ranging from a uniquely recorded single song to a series of audio files that can be uploaded and placed on the school website.  From there, students, teachers, and parents can come and visit the website and be educated about the current updates that are affecting the school and its students.   The school podcast can contain almost anything on it.

Below are some of the few things that can be placed onto a school podcast:

a.    School updates and news.  A school podcast is one great method of distributing all important information that may directly impact the whole school community.  
b.    Work of every student.  The school podcast is one way to motivate students to work hard on every task that is given to him.  Every excellent work can be posted and uploaded onto the school podcast. At the same time, teachers may also be informed about their students’ development through this method.
c.    Songs relevant to school.  Songs like Alma Mater and all others that are relevant to the school can be directly uploaded onto the school podcast.  This makes it widely available to all students at anywhere and at anytime.  

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