The Value of a Customer Report Card

In school, we usually had to have a report card sent to our parents on a quarterly or semestral basis so that our parents would have a clear idea of how we were performing for that study period. A customer report card functions along similar lines  it is actually a measure of how well the sales team performed on a certain sales-related project with emphasis on getting specific results in building a sales-related relationship with customers.

A customer report card is very important because it serves as a feedback mechanism by which the sales team can understand why they performed that way for that sales period, why they managed to reach specific goals while missing others, and then identify any future goals that remain to be reached and why these should be aimed for.

To be effective, first of all, the customer report card has to be filled out by the customer himself (though the questions on it could be set by the sales team being assessed.) A customer report card does not talk about the customer but rather about the sales team that dealt with that customer. One question that usually crops up is: what specific deadlines were successfully met? And which ones were not met? A follow-up question to that is: how can we improve so that we set doable deadlines and do not miss any more crucial deadlines? What defects in the product and/or service cropped up? How did we manage to correct those defects? Is this the only way we should have acted, or are there alternative ways to address such issues?

For a customer report card to be effective, it has to be an honest assessment by the customer. A customer report card also aims for producing changes in the sales team, so that should always be born in mind when the sales team confers about the content of the customer report card then.

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