The Drupal software was significantly developed to contain different media modules designed to a far better web content management capability.  Media is one form of web feature that is very essential to website owners as this is the commonly looked for feature on a website.  

One good example of a full media content management application is the AcidFree Album application.  This efficiently driven media system makes it a lot easier for any Drupal user to manage and control all forms of multimedia such as videos and photos.  The media items that were generated by the AcidFree application are nodes of the Drupal system that are geared towards better integration with the system.  Another good thing about the AcidFree album is the fact that it offers a variety of themes to choose from.  These themes are stored designs that one can use to provide effective aesthetics.  

Another one compatible media application is the Apture application.  The Apture application allows a publisher of the site to locate and include pertinent multimedia objects on their own web pages.  The users of the website can then directly access these objects without the need to exit from the initial page that they are into giving them better web experience.  The Apture application is one of the compatible “modules” of Drupal that auto links the generated codes that are needed to execute together with the Drupal node. Once this is done,the publisher who has the Apture access can then link all these media files  (videos, pictures, animated graphics) to the key points of the page that they prefer.  

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