MCITP EA is a certification that provides various people in different professional areas the needed and relevant skills. It is a certification that is recognized among peers and managers as leaders in Windows infrastructure design which distinguishes a person as an IT professional working with Windows Server 2008.

What are the benefits of MCITP EA?

MCITP Enterprise Administrator has various benefits and applications for people working in various areas such as human resources department. MCITP EA can be an employer-funded training and certification programs for the staff. The benefits are two-fold: This would ensure that a company is keeping skilled staff and at the same time this serves as a motivation for staff as career development and advancement opportunities. It was also reported that there is less employee turnover rate when staff gets this training.

Second, MCITP EA is beneficial for HR managers. This is because he can use this as a benchmark in hiring or promoting possible employees. Having an MCITP certificate means that technical skills can be accurately assessed.

Third, a company benefits from having employees that have MCITP EA. This is because a company has a competitive advantage over the others, which attracts more customers.

Fourth, an MCITP EA is beneficial to individuals because they have advanced skills and knowledge and also have a professional credibility over the others.  Moreover, having an MCITP EA means that an individual has certain special membership privileges such as technical information, product information and invitations to various Microsoft conferences.

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