The Varying MCITP Courses

The Microsoft Certified IT Professional is a diverse and dynamically structured discipline that embodies many of the present developments in the field of Information Technology.  It is for this reason that the governing body that develops and modernizes the whole program has captured many of the branches of computing technology.  Below are some of the powerful course lines up of Microsoft that requires certification:

a.    Certification for Business Intelligence Developer.  This course is primarily centered in building and creating infrastructure for Business Intelligence with the primary application of MS SQL specifically the 2005 version.  In order to have clear path on this, the learner must be able to have acquired Microsoft Certification on Technology Specialist on SQL 2005.
b.    Certification for Consumer Support Technician.  This course is designed to achieve complete knowledge and skills on how to provide Consumer Support via troubleshooting applications on a Windows Operating Systems platform.  A learner of this module should be able to attain Certification on Vista Configuration.  
c.    Certification on Database Developer. This course is aiming at teaching the learners on how to have strong and powerful knowledge and skills in creating and designing Database Access in order to optimize the functionality.  A robust and impeccable skill on Standard Query Language is very much necessary in order to achieve success on this module.
d.    Certification on Database Administrator.   This course is strongly adhering to disciplines such as database design, database creation, and employment of databases as prime solutions to company issues.  This, like the other database related courses require that a strong knowledge in SQL is manifested.  

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