Discussions on Web 2.0 and the technology is not only limited to the new form of communication which is the Internet. Even the conventional media is an effective way to discuss about Web 2.0 and its developing technologies. One of these is the television. In fact, there is a broadcasting network known as Web 2.0 TV that focuses on the shared innovative content and social media.

The Web 2.0 TV is not only a one-channel broadcasting network. It is consisted of many channels which are all aimed at providing different detailed insights on various topics about the technology, especially the Web 2.0. Included to the diverse topics by the Web 2.0 TV are technology, news, business, gaming, entertainment, film and music.

Effects of the Web 2.0 on marketing, world economy, and specific businesses are the main topics of discussions on Web 2.0 TV. Web 2.0 TV said that their goal is to provide the hottest as well as the most relevant contents from various industry leaders, entertainment gurus, business innovators, social media experts, outspoken commentators, and other professionals.

With the programs aired on different channels of Web 2.0 TV, the community will certainly be enlightened of the help of Web 2.0 technology to the world. Many people are still not aware of the word “Web 2.0” and they should know this technology which is already contributing a big factor on people’s everyday living. Also, Web 2.0 is expected to continue developing and become more useful for the people. In that sense, the need for mediums like the Web 2.0 TV becomes more intense. With this, people will be informed on the Web 2.0 technology and will learn how this works for everybody’s benefits.

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