Intelligent and profitable online marketers are aware that web analytics is not just a software that you have to install and it’s all done. Web site analytics is in fact a continual and constant process of analysis and strategies. Therefore, to acquire website analytics services you have to know first the needs of your websites. Your evaluation for your website needs can be done by answering the following questions:

•    Does your business employ e-commerce? Or does your business have cart or employ third party?
•    If you have internal site search, is it incorporated with your web analytics?
•    You track various domains or sub-domains?
•    Is your process of tagging and tracking e-mails and other campaigns done offline effective in driving traffic toward your website?
•    Is your internal or employee traffic tracking operation separated from your site or is it coexisting?

If you were able to provide answers to the following questions and the results require you to install and configure the software fro web site analytics then, you have to do it properly. This is because if processes are properly done then a solid website will be created and excellent data will be delivered and gathered as well. Just remember that the main point why you are doing the web site analytics is to acquire and utilize the metrics that will be collected at then end of all processes and operations.

Once you get everything right, you will be able to do analysis of details and information necessary for the overall processing of strategies for the entire web page.

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