The WebSideStory Company the now newly named Visual Sciences is one of the leading companies that has engaged in web analytics.  The WebSideStory’s service based Hitbox web analytics software was capable of providing the codes that are services based embedded on its Hitbox web analytics service.  However, because of the poorly designed structure and the fewer number of features that it possesses, the Hitbox web analytics software has not lasted that long.  It was downed by some of the more aggressive and highly powered web analytics software.  

With the recent developments in WebSideStory Company, part of which is the change in name, it has created a newer version which is at par if not above the other web analytics software in the market.  The HBX On Demand Web analytics is the new creation and the new product that is being offered by the WebSideStory Company or the Visual Sciences. This HBX On Demand Web analytics is the one that is to replace the Hitbox web analytics software.  

The HBX On Demand Web analytics is a completely brand new, highly competitive, and more aggressive in terms of addressing any forms of issues that involve web analysis. The HBX On Demand Web analytics has retained the embedding of the code into the web pages but has added some other features like including Javascripting codes and files onto the web server making its features fully maximized.

With all the tests and experiments that the HBX On Demand Web analytics software has undergone, no doubt that this is the software that is to beat.  

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