Now that Webtrends Analytics is out in the market, every impossibility becomes the possibility. Through the deployment of Webtrends Analytics 8.5, your business will gain power in terms of efficiency, flexibility and the high-speed performance of business operations.

The online marketing industry is now faced with various challenges in analytics. However, because analytics software solutions never stop undergoing development and enhancement marketers can now control the information collection about website traffic and analytics, of course with the use of powerful and new tools designed to meet a certain level of standard.

Through the use of WebTrends Analytics 8.5 the small and large enterprises can acquire more Web 2.0 investments. Also they can preconfigured reports so the measuring, testing, and optimizing of visitors behavior and interaction with the internet applications like online videos, RSS feeds, and other media consumed by the users can be done.

Another capacity of the WebTrend Analytics 8.5 is to build reports that come with metrics that every enterprise and organization necessitates. It can also calculate measures through formulas within the sphere of the WebTrends reports. Easy customization of users’ roles is analyzed to satisfy the needs of the business.  More so, through WebTrend Analytics support for an enhanced Asian language is actually possible. This is why there is a more extensive compatibility of the WebTrend to the system supported by the installation and administration in Asian languages like Japanese and simplified Chinese.

Finally, one key features of the WebTrend Analytics 8.5 is that it can deliver Web 2.0 technologies, which means there is no need to develop another framework for reporting.

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