As for the definition of the term, web traffic analytics deal particularly with the data about user’s activity on a certain website. In the web and information architecture’s point of view, analytics is all about designs and other creative way to express ideas that is why they spend most of their time creating prototypes, design testing, and finally interpret the end-results to resolve issues and provide better understanding about user’s experiences on the website.

Web traffic analytics tells you where does data come from. Through the use of web analytics software programs, real data about real behavior of users can be generated and interpreted. So, the use and positioning of web traffic analytics, along with data mining, patterns and relationships can be identified to better understand the behaviors of customers. Apart from the web traffic analytics and data mining, business enterprises can still acquire customer’s behavior and insights via the use of the following: loyalty program data like flyers and rewards, data purchasing, the customer’s service contacts, and finally the customer’s response toward promotional activity like web registration, mail-in response or e-mailing.

Once, data are gathered and collected using the software program of web analytics, the data should that came from the user will be studied. This study will mainly focus why users were directed to the website and then finding out what part or are of the website gained the user’s attention. The data that will be gathered usually comes from the web server logfile analytics used by webmasters in monitoring the level of traffic on their servers.

However, the purpose of web log servers today are focused most of time in business and marketing aspects. This is why the results that were collected, which is interpreted in the forms of tables, charts, pies, graphs, and others, will inform the marketers about the customer behavior measurements that were collected to provide solution and enhance more the marketing strategies that have been employed.

Marketers never stop engaging themselves in investing more in their websites because they want to look more innovative ways as to how to give customer satisfaction and increase customer’s response toward their business services or products. Therefore, interactive and social media are being employed along with the analytics solution that is equipped with flexible and powerful visitor preferences to attract customers and better promote their business.

These kinds of critical insights in business marketing and initiating wide-ranging tools and strategies are indispensable in every kind of business. This is why software like WebTrend Analytics are made available in the market to give the marketers the power they need in measuring customer’s presence, preferences, and responses. The software has the capacity to generate reports from various media that include the Web 2.0 media so that they can acquire marketing strategies for better marketing procedures.

The WebTrend Analytics is equipped with powerful and flexible tools that marketers desire to have in their software. Therefore, if marketers acquire and deploy the WebTrends Analytics, they will get various assistance that will help them move further. The functions and abilities of the WebTrend are:

1.    It can maximize the business’s Web 2.0 investments.
2.    It can identify and eventually determine which content, partners, channels, and campaigns people choose to engage with.
3.    It can build calculations on the fly, hence new ratios are computed automatically and then interpreted in the form of reports.
4.     It can simply schedule and arrange e-mailed reports to make updates to the entire organization.
5.    It can streamline, rationalize, and simplify administration with compromising control over the functions, roles, and operations that are happening within the organization.

Therefore, Web Analytics packages are indeed a requisite in an online organization that wishes to monitor and maintain a certain kind of standard.

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