Enterprise architecture has been around for quite some time, but it has only gained notice in the past ten or twelve years with the boom of information technology, the world wide web and the merging of business productivity and technological tools as a means of support. Simply stated, enterprise architecture or ea can be said as the description of the existing and the future structure as well as the behavior of any organization s processes. This also extends to include its information systems, as well as personnel sub-units and its organizational sub-units that are all aligned with the set core goals as well as the strategic direction of the organization. People who have made a career out of enterprise architecture are called   what else?   enterprise architects.

While enterprise architecture has usually been more popularly associated with IT or information technology, it can also be applied to a broader spectrum of the different mechanisms that make business and technological transactions thrive all over the world. One can also relate it to the practice of optimizing business, because it also has the capability to address business architecture. In addition, enterprise architecture is also powerful enough to be applied in process architecture, performance management and organization structure as well. In the United States, enterprise architecture has become a common practice not just in the private sector but in the public one as well   in the government, to be exact. The Federal Government has also used it to help run their many functions. This only goes to show that enterprise architecture is for anyone and for anything.

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