It is the function of the Information Systems to enable managers and executives to make wise and timely decisions. It does so by gathering data and information and translating everything to make them relevant and usable  in making decisions in the company. So Information  Systems actually touch on the people, the technology and the procedures and applications running in the company. It means managing the company by providing routine reports and making certain reports available when they are needed. Work force analysis and planning is even undertaken too.

All of these tasks are done so competitive advantage can be achieved. When good and timely decisions are made then indeed competitive advantage is gained. Being able to adapt early on keeps one company ahead than others. Then success can be achieved too.

However, even if these are the goals of Information Systems, it still needs to be assessed from time to time. It is the job of the Information Systems auditor to do so. It is the job of the Information systems auditor to see to it that the MIS is always effective. Weaknesses should therefore be identified and he should report them to management so that things can be corrected. By doing these tasks, MIS would be effective and the company will be able to advance from its present stage. That’s because information is available always. Sufficient information allows appropriate and timely decisions. It will also be good to enable the company to be early adaptors to changes so competitive advantage can be achieved and the company can succeed

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