Computer systems need proper administration and
maintenance.  There should be a focal person in charge to
handle administrative support on all the software users
within the work environment. An organization needs a
network administrator who will design, install and support
the local-area network (LAN), wide-area network (WAN),
network segment, Internet, or intranet system.  If you are a
network administrator for a wide area network (WAN),
you are required to maintain the hardware and software if
the network, analyze problems, and monitor the network
to see to it that the system is available for users.  They also
try to gather information to identify the needs of the
customers and make use of this information to identify,
interpret, and evaluate system and network requirements.  
Network WAN administrators may plan coordinate,
and implement network security measures.

A leading network manufacturer of networking and
inter-networking products is Cisco.  Today it is highly
desirable to have knowledge in Cisco technology.  To be
eligible for a Cisco certification is take an examination. 
A network administrator wan Cisco help desk analyst will
be responsible for the efficient use of the organization’s
network.  The network administrator wan Cisco help
desk analyst will ensure that the computer site as design
for the organization and its components are installed and
working properly.  Components referred to are computers,
the network and software.  Being part of the help desk,
the network administrator wan Cisco should monitor and
make continuous adjustments based on the network
current performance and survey future network needs.

The network administrator wan Cisco help desk analysts
are involved in the troubleshooting problems as reported
by users.  They make use of automated network monitoring
systems and recommend enhancements in the implementation
of future servers and networks.



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