The Drupal system created under the PHP software was constructed and built to work around so many different functions.  These functions are internal to the system that calls upon a specific procedure of action when they are being used on the code.  One of the mostly used Drupal functions is the Drupla l function which is responsible in creating a valid format for an internal Drupal link.

The Drupal l function accurately handles and supervises the paths which bear aliases and apparently, the Drupal l function is also the one responsible in allowing or disallowing the themes to create highlighted links on the current web page appropriately and correctly.  This means that every internal link that is placed on the website as products of the module should be created only by the Drupal l function when possible.

The Drupal l function has considerable easy parameters to follow.  These parameters are what guide the Drupal user to have a clearly made source code for the website.  The parameters are giving several options to the user just like in terms of putting either the path or the link.  When a user enclosed the complete URL address or the Universal Resource Locator address on the code, then it shall be considered and shall result into an external Universal Resource Locator address.  However, if the user enclosed the path and only the path, then the parameter is going to be translated as an internal link.  These parameters for the Drupla l function are substantial in building internal and external links for the website that is being developed.

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