Provide tools and methods to analyze and assess program activities and initiatives, projected results, participant engagement, actual outcomes, and overall effectiveness of the supported teams, measures, metrics, and risk factors to aid decision making, program management, and action planning.

More Uses of the Theory Of Constraints Toolkit:

  • Ensure your organization supports the development and implementation of Projects Portfolio aligned with Project Management, Operational Excellence, knowledge Transfer, Capital and Site Strategy plans.
  • Drive supply base performance improvement by implementing strategies to improve delivery, reduce lead times, and effectively manage overall procurement and optimized inventory.
  • Ensure your organization enforces compliance and drive accountability with organization policies, procedures, and operational standards by effectively communicating expectations and changes to teams.
  • Be accountable for sustaining it project management office to achieve the development and realization of project plans and project management support for Site Strategic Plans through cross functional site teams .
  • Ensure your organization assess process improvement projects and facilitate cross functional process improvement project teams ensuring deadlines and objective are met and return on investment is realized.
  • Establish and sustain positive employee environment through effective communications with all employees in order to foster an environment where innovation and cooperation are used to solve problems.
  • Ensure your organization coaches other employees on the use of various tools, concepts and practices foundational to QMS in order for employees to build self sufficiency, sustainability and scalability.
  • Prepare, review, and critique production and operating reports to resolve operational, manufacturing, and maintenance problems allowing for the prevention of operational delays and cost avoidance.
  • Ensure your organization understands and utilizes economic, financial, and industrial data to accurately diagnose business strengths and weaknesses, identifying key issues, and developing strategies and plans.
  • Formulate: administrative abilities and aptitudes for analyzing data detecting inconsistencies, determining relative importance and referring to the data analysis tools as pareto, etc.
  • Collaborate with engineering, program management, supply chain, manufacturing, quality and test personnel to build, communicate and maintain execution plans that meet internal milestones and customer on time delivery dates.
  • Ensure your organization fosters project management skills, cross functional teamwork, fact based decision making, and leadership development through empowerment and accountable for tangible results.
  • Be accountable for leading and providing guidance/direction, as a subject matter expert, in the prioritization of it improvement projects and for the development and implementation of continuous improvement solutions.
  • Drive/lead/coordinate/facilitate strategy, roadmap and release planning, dependency mapping, backlog management and execution of initiatives and features that span platforms, product groups, products, services, it, legal, compliance, etc.
  • Perform as a front line leader in a complex manufacturing facility, providing motivation, training, coaching, support, inspiration and direction to diverse work force.
  • Be accountable for supporting the digital transformation initiative and cloud strategy by designing and implementing cloud migrations and services as part of an dedicated team of engineers.
  • Develop and maintain material requirement plans to ensure uninterrupted supply of assigned materials while minimizing investment, minimizing material obsolescence and minimizing material write off.
  • Steer: detail planning and maintenance throughout the programs lifecycle that incorporates contractual and programmatic changes into the ims in order to maintain realistic, current contract schedule baselines.
  • Collaborate with manufacturing and other related departments to clarify gaps in schedule attainment and actual while promoting corrective measures to recover the schedule.
  • Ensure your organization coordinates production activities with procurement, maintenance, and quality control activities to obtain optimum production and utilization of human resources, machines, and equipment.
  • Ensure you understand the difference between mercenary and missionary engineering teams, and set the direction at the top to ensure the latter is happening throughout your organization.
  • Manage work with teams to develop validation execution strategies with a focus on defining intended use and measuring process capability against critical quality acceptance criteria.
  • Be accountable for contributing to a high performing team that delivers consumable, standardized hybrid cloud infrastructure services and solutions (resilient, high quality, highly automated and up to date).


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