If you are looking into the latest news about data storing, you might have already heard about metadata. Simply put, it is all about information on information about any type of media. This new type of archiving information is really a great way for libraries to be organized – and any kind of library at that! Any item that is part of the library of metadata may be referred to as the individual datum, also known as a content item. This is also a collection of information or data which may also have multiple contents and even some levels and hierarchies. For libraries that are using different kinds of metadata, these may be categorized into three parts.

These categories are often used in order to provide descriptions of the objects that make it up. The first one is the descriptive category. Here, the information which describes the intellectual content of such an object is for cataloguing records as well as finding some aids or same types of schemes. These are often used for purposes that are bibliographic in nature. The second is structural, where the information that is involved with the object may be composed of logical units like pages in a book to come up with the entire thing. And finally, there is the administrative category, which is information for the object or control access based on  how it was scanned and what its storage format is like, which are necessary for long term preservation of these types of digital objects.

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