3 reasons why IT professionals need to consider a CCP (cloud computing pathway) program…

As you are no doubt already aware, cloud computing is going mainstream.  While there are programs which have been steadily turning out cloud computing specialists for a while now, there will still likely be a shortfall with regards to technical specialists in the field.  In other words, cloud computing is going to soon require an influx of individuals with solid backgrounds in all areas of cloud computing.

To say that IT pros should get “cloud-certified” is an understatement.   If you are an IT professional you should realize that it is very likely that cloud computing will replace the traditional IT model.   Even if a complete “changing of the guard” doesn’t occur (traditional to cloud), chances are, cloud computing technologies will continue to evolve and adapt, perhaps melding with traditional IT in unforeseen ways.

Here are 3 solid reasons why IT professionals need to strongly consider a CCP (cloud computing pathway) program:

#1 – Present and Future Job Security
If you are keeping up with trending topics in science, technology, computing and even the global markets, you should already know that cloud computing is a hot area of discussion.  There are high expectations for cloud computing being touted by even the most esteemed in the technical community.

As we have already seen, cloud technologies have infiltrated big business, academia and government; with private use by consumers and enterprise(s) following closely behind.  The point is, a push toward a complete adoption of cloud computing is already underway; and on multiple fronts.  I shouldn’t have to tell you that those IT professionals who don’t have experience with cloud technologies are going to need to adapt, failure to do so will only render them obsolete (from an organizational perspective).

#2 – Opportunity:  To Become a Functional / Literate with Cloud Technology
Since it’s clear that cloud computing is here to stay and might replace traditional IT entirely, it only makes sense to familiarize oneself with it.   Just imagine the future opportunities that wait for those who were intrepid enough to see the inherent value of quality cloud training and certification.  Right now is the perfect time for IT workers to jump into the cloud; not only are there numerous, affordable, and accredited certification programs available, but the industry isn’t overtly flooded with individuals who are cloud-compliant.

Every cloud computing success story is accompanied by an influx of businesses eager to adopt or co-opt it.  As more and more cloud technologies get adopted, the demand for qualified, creative, and forward-thinking personnel also increases.  Those individuals who have the right qualifications and experience will be poised for promotions and enhanced responsibilities.

To put it simply, there is a giant opportunity here for those with the foresight to expand their knowledge base to include cloud computing; you’ll never be “on the cutting-edge” if you’re always playing “catch-up”.

#3 – Meeting the Demands of the Cloud Computing Industry
The entire IT industry is going to show increasing demand for qualified personnel soon, and perhaps very quickly.  It is unclear as to whether or not there are enough individuals to cover and / or meet these demands.  This is very important to IT professionals as a group because a widespread failure to meet the demands of the industry could create a backlash against the IT community itself.  If such a think were to occur it could not only undermine the importance of IT, but might also influence salaries and decision-making processes as well.   The point is, the entire IT community needs to examine cloud computing certification / training in greater detail so that it can not only better service its clients, but also simply perform its duties.

Cloud Computing Foundation What is a cloud computing pathway program (CCP)?
A cloud computing pathway program is essentially a complete solution for absorbing virtually everything you need to know about cloud computing and technologies as thoroughly and quickly as possible.  It comprises several different areas including:

  • Foundation
  • Virtualization
  • SaaS and Web Applications
  • PaaS Platform and Storage Management
  • Managing Services in the Cloud

The purpose of such a program is to familiarize IT specialists with a working body of knowledge concerning cloud computing so that they might be able to effectively function in it.  A pathway program should also include a dedicated and comprehensive certification solution in order to better position the student to take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace.  Simply put, this type of program is perfect for those with drive and initiative who might be eyeing future positions within management.

It’s unclear as to when cloud computing will eclipse the traditional IT model, but it does seem to be headed in that direction.  As previously stated, only those individuals who were able to realize the inherent value of cloud-based education will be able to fully take advantage of future cloud-computing based career opportunities.  Why not start walking down that pathway, right now?

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