Assure your organization performs project controls transactional related tasks as creation of purchase orders, development of pay applications, and processing invoices.

More Uses of the Throughput Accounting Toolkit:

  • Make sure that your organization serves as the Project Controls Analyst for medium or large scale programs and projects.
  • Establish: on a monthly basis, update program forecast with project financials from various tools to ensure one version of the truth e.
  • Establish: analysis,project controls.
  • Systematize: available during critical project activities e.
  • Be accountable for accounting close, month end financial review.
  • Perform accounting functions related to orders, adjustments, and corrections.
  • Perform and review Sarbanes Oxley processes related to income tax accounting.
  • Control: report service disruptions (vendor, process, systems).
  • Collaborate with department leadership to evaluate department compensation plans.
  • Lead: potential for extended hours during critical project activities.
  • Oversee the clinical administrative support services.
  • Coordinate: customer care specialization.
  • Collaborate on the recruitment of department and clinical providers.
  • Communicate complex income tax accounting impacts and issues with various levels of management.
  • Contribute to the development of strategic plans for workflow efficiency and automation in Tax Accounting.
  • Standardize: track related work activity for business process reporting and workload management.
  • Oversee: many efforts are performed in close collaboration with project managers, track leads, other departments, and management.
  • Assure your corporation complies; dashboards/scorecard, gate review, etc.


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