In building a web analytics software, there are so many elements and factors that you need to consider.  Fundamentally, you will have to consider your potential market.  However, one of the major components that most of the time being overlooked when building a web analytics software is the time.

If you will notice in all the web analytics discussions and exchange of concepts, time has always been coming out as an element of debate and discussion.  The session duration includes the time elements; the singleton includes in some ways the time factor.  Everything else about the web analytics development revolves around time.

The main concern about why web analytics is always in reference with time is because the element of time brings about how one can factor out the effectiveness of the website or the webpage based on a given time frame.  In addition, the time factor is also used as a benchmark towards making sure that specific modifications are being performed at a given time frame.  If and when the time element is not given the appropriate attention, the web analytics software can result into a massive faulty product. Not only that it shall ruin the credibility of the developer, but it shall ruin the whole package of the company including all other products that the company is involved with.

Although time is an uncontrolled element, with web analytics, time is a variable that is capable of being controlled and supervised.  It may seem so difficult to absorb much more comprehend, but in reality, time in the arena of web analytics is a very much controlled and easily supervised factor.  

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