Change management that was perceived to be designed
over numerous hours of spending time at work and sitting
down during meetings.  Nowadays, change management can
be done through the use of software.  For some organization
who wishes to implement change management may  avail
of the trial period.  The change management software is
made available based on the time frame as agreed upon
by the software provider and the client.

The use of change management software was believed
to have the following benefits:
1.  The change activity is orchestrated and controlled. 
      With these, instances of quality loss is minimized
       as a result of uncoordinated changes.
2.   The change requests from any location can be
       monitored and approved at any point in time and
3.   The ability to compute for the risk related to the
      change request by the use of risk assessment
4.   Provide for the accessibility to important key
      process information (KPI) with regard to plan
      and changes for implementation and their
5.   Allows the customization of change requests
      form to meet the needs of users as well as
      making things simple in terms of processes
      and understanding terminologies.
6.   Provide documentation and control of the
      workflow as a step by step guide in the event
      that the original state prior to change requests
      requires restoration.

With the time frame given for business organization
to try the software, business organization are given
the chance to better appreciate the need for a
software.  The change management software is ideal
for businesses that  look forward on automating or
establishing their change management
procedures and processes.

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