Look for opportunities to optimize Data Governance, Architecture, and Engineering Processes and Frameworks that are followed for delivering solutions in an effort to increase productivity and reduce Time to Market.

More Uses of the Time to Market Toolkit:

  • Operate identifying solutions that enables easier adoption of your technology, reducing customer development time and accelerating the Time to Market.
  • Be certain that your planning complies; products and effort levels.
  • Evaluate and recommend new or refined capabilities to reduce cost and speed Time to Market.
  • Ensure you surpass; understand the business and customer needs to introduce solutions that grow the bottom line and/or speed Time to Market.
  • Ensure you can most of all help product planning members and your organizations executives support the most optimal planning for a realistic Time to Market.
  • Be accountable for accelerating Time to Market with scalable, repeatable infrastructure and delivery.
  • Push forward with work with your own engineering team to balance scope, functionality, performance, and Time to Market.
  • Write white papers on your Early Line Planning Digital platform collaboration saves Time to Market, Data driven Assortment and Merchandising planning, Sell through automation for big brands.
  • Develop: liaison with the hardware and firmware design teams to develop effective test strategies and plans to ensure the fastest Time to Market without compromising the overall design goals and future flexibility.
  • Identify and implement testing tools to help automate and expedite Time to Market.
  • Initiate: balance Time to Market (client delivery) with proper governance, compliance and audit mandates.
  • Coordinate, prioritize and plan the changes to your trading software thereby ensuring smooth exchange migrations, quick Time to Market for new features and software.
  • Assure your organization complies; directs Time to Market and productive data solutions, in compliance with corporate policy.
  • Be accountable for prioritizing customer needs and market opportunities to create a product development roadmap that optimizes the trade off between customer value and Time to Market.
  • Govern: pragmatic approach to engineering that strikes a balance between beautiful code, maintainability, and Time to Market.


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