With the onset of podcasting came the popularity of podcasting blogs. A podcasting blog has presented a lot of benefits to many online users. Podcasting blogs can be used for informational content, band promotional clips and interviews, sportscasts, organizational news, training courses or simply just to tell stories to children.

To create a good podcasting blog, you must remember a few tips when making an audio recording.

1. Before creating a podcasting blog, you should develop a plan and a format for your show. What would be the focus of the podcast? Who would be the guests? How many hours should you spend?

2. The second significant factor is the location of the podcasting blog. Producing a podcasting blog regularly means that you should know how an appropriate location contributes to the success of the podcast. The location has to be quiet and free from interruptions. It is also recommended that the equipment remain in place so that it will not be set-up every now and then. The room location should have some carpet and furniture so that echoes are absorbed and sounds are dampened.
3. When recording a podcasting blog away from home, it is advisable to use directional microphone or some quiet areas for interviews. You can also reduce as much noise as possible by using some software that can edit extraneous sounds during recording.
4. Ensure that you have determined the best level of volume and microphone distances. Spending money on a good quality microphone can also make a difference between a good or bad podcasting blog.

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