There are a lot of departments on a single company, each playing different roles that are geared towards business success. More often than not, each department has its own help desk specialist, entertaining inquiries from visitors and interacting with co-workers and other business professionals.  A help desk specialist should be alert at all times, updating himself or herself with the current happenings inside the department. When a certain report is requested, he or she should know who to talk to so work can be done in a snap of a finger. Since a help desk specialist is the front liner where questions and concerns from different people are being addressed, he or she should be knowledgeable enough to recognize the different issues or concerns surrounding his or her department and others within the company as well.

A help desk specialist can also answer inquiries and grant requests through the phone or email. He or she reminds and calls business associates when a meeting is on schedule, similar to what office secretaries usually do. He or she can also support technical concerns like computer malfunction, printer breakdown and other techie stuffs. If not within his or her scope of support, a help desk specialist can also direct the caller to another department so that their issues will get fixed. A help desk specialist has a lot of different functions, but then again, it all boils down to where his or her expertise counts the most. It is indeed a jungle in the corporate world and recognizing your own potential is very crucial in determining where your passion really is.

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