The header of any web log serves many functions. Fundamentally, the header serves as the initial welcoming “banner” of the entire web log. The header will help attract many potential visitors to the web log site. Incidentally, the header is not only a way to entice people to come and visit the site. More importantly, it can serve as a link to other websites or web logs. A header is a very important part of a web log. The effective use of the header can lead to an attractive and catchy web log. Below are some of the tips that can be used to an efficient use of the header: a. Do not ignore the great impact that color and placement of text can do to your web log. Colors on a header can either attract or distract a viewer. If you do not carefully think about the proper combination of colors on your header, it can drastically destroy the totality of the web log. b. Do not forget to have an objective and be clear about it. Do no think that because a header is just one component of the web log it does not require anymore an objective. Just like the whole web log, the header needs a point and that point must be accurately communicated. c. Contrary to common practice, a header does not require a picture. Generally, web loggers are putting pictures on a header. However, this is not required to every header. Placing a picture on a header serves a purpose.

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