The Twadget is one of the apps that Twitter uses. However, it is compatible to work only under the Vista OS platform.   The Twadget apps will let your Twitter get on to the right path.  It allows the Twitter features to be maximized and potentially become powerful when combined with the Vista OS.  

The Twadget version 1.1.0 is an important upgrade that allows patching the sudden and silent disappearance of your Twitter profile status while online.  By having this upgrade from Vista, you will never have the feel of having been lost while online.  More upgrades are made available online to help Twitter users achieve the best performance.

While the Twitter is considered to be one of the biggest social networking sites available on the Internet, somehow, it also gets bugged down by some glitches.  Fortunately, there are some patches that are available for download.  The following tips on how to maximize their usage are being suggested:

a.    Make sure that you constantly make an upgrade.  These upgrades provided by Twitter and the Vista OS are guaranteed patches to some of the known glitches that affect the use of the Twitter apps.
b.    Read the updates on Twadget apps and make sure that you take note of its updates and the date that they will be released for download.  From time to time, Twitter site is releasing some news about possible updates on the apps.  You will need to make sure that you have all these updates.  
c.    Determine your apps issues and make sure that you are updated with the current patches.  Learning at first base what the real problem is makes the whole use of Twitter apps a lot more efficient.  

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