If it is your first to visit and navigate on the Twitter site, you will not see much tabs and links on its home page.  In fact, when you visit the page of Twitter, all that you will get to encounter are basically the authenticating boxes, a few tabs to educate you on how to use Twitter, and some navigation keys to tour you around the site.  

However, behind every tab and link that you see, there are more things that you can expect to discover.  On the new interface of the Twitter site, you will see on the top right corner continuously rolling figures that allow you to view your updates (tweets), your followers and the following that you have.  These numbers tell you how far your account has reached the net.  And then just below the figures are the links that inform you about your messages and the current happenings that you may be interested with.  Also, the replies that you have made to the tweets are indicated on the same column.  

The question that you see on the initial page is basically the update that you want your followers to know.  By answering the question, you are giving them the opportunity to know what you have been up to in the last hours.  You will notice that some of the index tabs have been removed with the all new Twitter site.  This is the latest renovation that Twitter has taken after almost 2 years of its existence.  This has given the home page a whole new and better look.  

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