TOGAF 4-Day Training Course

The Open Group Architecture Framework or TOGAF doesn’t only desire to make their clients patronize their product, but to provide their clients proper training so that they will be fully-equipped before going to the “combat.”

That’s why they were able to procure a pioneering training course for IT architecture students, practitioners and business managers. Entering the market of TOGAF is not an easy task considering the extensive details it has to offer. TOGAF has what they call Training Course for TOGAF 8.1.1 Enterprise Edition which is actually a four-day instructor led-course for their potential market.

The course itself has encompasses a modular course that has 23 modules and an assessment module which is an examination that will measure and determine whether the trainees truly comprehended the course.

For a brief overview of the four-day TOGAF training, the materials used for the course are organized accordingly. For every module, clear-cut objectives are made and instructor’s notes are also given to give the students the key learning points they need as they go through every module. Moreover, exercises that deal with TOGAF principles are available. Topics on gap analysis, building blocks case study, view and viewpoints, migration planning, change impact of TOGAF and other business scenarios are also given for exercise so that students can integrate their ideas as well and make them critical thinkers.

The four-day training is full-packed when it comes to ideas about TOGAF, particularly the principles that guide architecture governance, opportunities and solutions and architecture frameworks that can be adopted by the business entrepreneurs who open their enterprise for future growth and success.

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