TOGAF Training UK: There’s a Certification in TOGAF

TOGAF being internationally accepted has drawn many registered practitioners in 2008.  The TOGAF 8 has achieved more than 5,500 certified practitioners which is approximately 230 percent increased compared to 2007 registrants.

In job search websites in UK alone, the demand for TOGAF practitioners grew to more than 21 percent. 
TOGAF Jobs include positions such as Application Architect, Solution Architect, IS Consultant for technical Solutions, etc.  Results of surveyed showed that 50% of the permanent IT jobs in UK require that an individual should be a TOGAF skill set.  The following are TOGAF skill set:
1. Generic Skills: – covers leadership, team working, inter-personal skills, etc.
2. Business Skills and Methods: – ability in handling business cases, business process, strategic planning, etc.
3. Enterprise Architecture Skills: – ability to do modeling, building block design, applications and role design, systems integration, etc.
4. Program or Project Management Skills: – ability to manage business change, project management methods and tools, etc.
5. IT General Knowledge Skills: – knowledgeable in brokering applications, asset management, migration planning, SLAs, etc.
6. Technical IT Skills: – adept in software engineering, security, data interchange, data management, etc.
7. Legal Environment: – knowledgeable in data protection laws, contract law, procurement law, fraud, etc.

The average salary for a TOGAF practitioner in UK ranges from 74k pounds to 84k pounds. The increasing demands for TOGAF jobs led individuals of getting themselves TOGAF Certified.  Most organizations prefer to hire TOGAF Certified to fill in their job vacancies.  Being a TOGAF Certified, organizations reduce the time, cost and risk involve in training, hiring and managing IT architecture professionals.

In the world of Architecture framework, doing the something in an easier way is a must when considering the work entailed in the most basic type of framework.

In this, TOGAF can help in making the hard tasks into a much doable and easier process, and it’s even free, and for those who don’t know how to use it or can’t even make it work for them, there are many TOGAF training courses offered in the United Kingdom.

In this, there are many certified and widely notable training courses that teach how a person could handle a task like TOGAF.

Of course there are many types of courses to choose from, which could varies from the type of courses provided or their lengths.

And while there are courses that could last for days, there are courses that last only for a day, though this type of courses are generally just for orienting the user to TOGAF.

In some cases the concept of teaching and learning in the one-day courses are very applicable and suitable for managers and executives, who are busy and have time-consuming works.

In this, they generally just need to understand the things about TOGAF and about it as well, which is vital in handling employees, who are better skilled in TOGAF as they are the ones who simply run the system.
For employees, TOGAF also has its very own Certification program that is internationally recognized and is available for all Enterprise Architects to take advantage off, which can always be a plus in getting a higher salary or better-paying job.

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