There are people scratching their heads on what “The Open Group Architecture Framework” (TOGAF) signifies.
And while TOGAF is generally known to the people in its industry, the very concept of it makes it something that is worth knowing even if that person is not part of that industry.

TOGAF for everyone’s information needs is an existing framework that is meant for Enterprise Architecture, which involves the providing of comprehensive approaches to design, implementation and planning of an enterprise information based on architecture.
Along with these, it is also involved in its governance, which is vital in keeping the enterprise abreast with the changes and developments in the industry.

This is where TOGAF comes in.
It is a necessary framework provides the users detailed methods as well as supporting tools for improving and developing both IT and Enterprise Architecture.

And of course, there are many types of architecture frameworks available today, but TOGAF is simply most unique of these as it has within it a very important method for developing architecture.
And this is the Architecture Development Method (ADM), which is something only available in TOGAF.

In fact, ADM can be utilized to suit other frameworks, which basically makes it very flexible to use.
In this, TOGAF is simply is the crowning glory of The Open Group’s Architecture Forum, which was conceptualized through practice.
Apart from ADM, another factor that makes TOGAF a better architecture framework is that it is non-proprietary, and therefore free for anyone to utilize in their various architecture framework needs.

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