2-Day Training
Version 08.3
Summarize key conclusions from the DoD Net-Centric Data Strategy and Community of Interest Training

Provide references to key resources available

Suggest next steps
Enables effective military operations
It is Analogous
More on the DoD to Analogy
Standard service interface used
Data shared using well defined vocabulary
Services used by known & unanticipated users
Free core enterprise services

We are Net-Centric Information Sharing Pioneers
Together we are pioneering agile information sharing in the DoD and Intelligence Community (IC)
We are Net-Centric Information Sharing Pioneers (concluded)
But some challenges remain, e.g.,
What Can YOU Do?
Take Action Within Your Organization
Recommend this approach to Senior Leaders in your organization
Identify and scope information sharing needs affecting your community
Step Up to establish COIs to address these information sharing needs
Provide Strong Leadership!
Available Resources
Details on how to access the following resources are provided on subsequent charts
COI Toolkit
COI Forum Information
COI Kickoff Template
COI Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Net-Centric Checklist
COI Directory (to register COIs)
DoD Net-Centric Data Sharing Directive and Publication
COI Resources (Links available from DoD CIO Page)
DoD Net-Centric Services Strategy
Net-Centric Core Enterprise Services (NCES) Information
NCES Overview Briefing
NCES Users Guide

COI Toolkit
COI Directory (to register COIs)
DoD Net-Centric Data Sharing Directive and Publication
COI Resources (Links Available From DoD CIO Page)
CIO Resources
DoD Net-Centric Data Strategy
Outlines the vision for managing data in a net-centric environment by ensuring that it is visible, accessible, and understandable
DoD Directive 8320.02, Data Sharing in a Net-Centric Department of Defense
Establishes policies and responsibilities to implement data sharing, in accordance the DoD Net-Centric Data Strategy
Directs the use of resources to implement data sharing among information capabilities, services, processes, and personnel interconnected within the Global Information Grid (GIG)
DoD 8320.02-G, “Guidance for Implementing Net-Centric Data Sharing”, April 12, 2006
Issued under the authority of DoD Directive 8320.02
Guidance for the community-based transformation of existing and planned information technology (IT) capabilities across the Department of Defense (DoD) in support of Department-wide net-centric operations
DoD Net-Centric Services Strategy
NCES Information + User Guide — Public òPage’
Backup Charts
Agile Information Sharing (Summary for techies Only)

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