When you built your website, you are entertaining the idea that somehow you will need to earn something from your website.  It is a common fact that every website that is built whether it is made and designed for business or for persona usel, that website is expected to generate money for the developer.  This is the common perception of many, however, not many people are able to realize that.  

When you build a website, you have to make a positive projection about how this website can potentially earn money for you. The following tips below can help you generate the money that you want from your site:

a.    Have your site linked to another website.  When you link your website to another website, you are opening the possibility of earning more chances of obtaining visibility on the Internet.  When you are able to acquire that great visibility, you are giving your website the chance to get more traffic, and in effect, is equivalent to more money.
b.    Open your website for any potential advertisement.  The advertisements that you are able to solicit from advertisers can be the main source of your income.  With more advertisers that get into your website, the more money that can get into your pocket.  Therefore, opening your website to more advertisers can generate more probabilities of earning more money.
c.    Make sure that you website gets the highest page rank.  If there is one way that can help you make appealing to the advertising companies, it is your page rank.  The higher your page ranks, the more you become appealing and trusted by the advertisers.  

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