To become a top SaaS vendor, companies must get away from the traditional enterprise software and offer SaaS applications that are truly consumer based.  They should be able to develop ena focus on adapting with the changing online environment as well as concentrate their marketing efforts on attracting more customers.  Yes, one-shot, big-time deals may give these companies the instant cash but only a constant flow of customers assure them of a steady inflow of income.

Top SaaS companies always develop their products on the basis of user experience of their software applications.  Unlike traditional software companies that make major releases after a few years, SaaS companies add newer features and capabilities to their products on a regular basis.  Top SaaS companies usually make releases on a quarterly or yearly basis because they are not constrained on any platform.

Top SaaS companies also constantly have a feedback feature that can monitor and ask users how they find the product, what are its best features, its weaknesses and many more.  Being a web-focused SaaS company will surely allow the business to only concentrate on the programming of their application and its interaction with the customers.

Closing a big transaction was the old way of dealing software.  Traditional software companies usually focus only on selling their products to dealers.  But top SaaS companies know that in order to succeed, they should be able to attract more users to their products instead of just selling their software to customers.  Having more users will assure them that their customer base will increase and the use of their product will continue well beyond the second, third, and fourth version.


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