There are three top mistakes every advertiser should avoid when launching AdWords campaigns.  Committing these mistakes can surely put an online business into bankruptcy because AdWords campaigns can be very expensive if not executed correctly.  So here are the top AdWords mistakes to avoid in any PPC campaign of online advertisers.

First, do not indulge on general keywords and search terms.  This is a common mistake of AdWords beginners.  By targeting general keywords, they expect to generate lots of traffic to their product sites.  This is true and it will surely drive up the number of page visitors.  

The problem is general search terms often perform poorly in terms of conversions.  That’s because almost everyone on the Internet will be able to see the advertiser’s ads even though they are not serious buyers.  The resulting clicks on the ad means more expensive campaigns but with poor conversions.  

Second, do not point the advert links to home pages.  The destination URL of every ad should point directly to the product page.  When directed to the home pages, bounce rates will increase.  So advertisers will pay for clicks that do not have concrete financial or monetary rewards.  

Third, do not create uncategorized AdWords campaigns.  For each product, there should be a separate campaign.  They must be grouped into individual categories and not lumped together into a single ad unit.  In this way, the ad will become highly targeted thus increasing the possibility of numerous conversions for every successful click through.

AdWords can be a big money earner.  Advertisers however should avoid mistakes that will make AdWords campaigns ineffective.  

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