To expand your Twitter network, you have to regularly post Twitter updates on your page.  This will ensure that your Twitter profile page will always contain new discussions.

Here are the top Twitter tips which could help in quickly expanding your network.  

First, announce to your network outside of Twitter that you are now a member of the Twitter community.  You can use the Twitter utility for sending invitations to friends. You can also blog about Twitter and post a link of your public profile.  

Second, explore the Twitter neighborhood by using the search function of the site.  The Twitter search engine works like a standard search engine.  Just type a keyword on the search field and submit your search.  

So, if you are interested about healthy living topics, then search these terms on the Twitter search engine.  You will get Twitterings and Twitter profiles related to such keywords.  You can then look at Twitter profiles or participate in the discussions.  

Third, start following other Twitter users who share the same interest with you.  Reply to their updates and actively participate in the conversations.  You will notice that most Twitters will reciprocate by following your own Twitter updates.

Fourth, use the tools on Twitter to send person to person messages or replies.  This is an effective way to establish solid connections with other Twitter users.  You can build a strong network on Twitter if you will use the person to person communication tools.

Expanding your network on Twitter is easy.  You just have to organize your networking activities to maximize your time on Twitter.

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