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Outdoor activities are always on the list during summer. But what we don’t know is that
there are risks that come along with traveling outdoors. National Climatic Data Center
says that 175 people die every year because of heat. Heat stroke kills more people than
those struck by tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes. ACE USA risk management
services recently came up with tips on how to prevent this problem. They said that heat
stress is more likely to happen in areas with higher temperature because of lack of
physical activity and mental alertness. Discomfort, irritability and anger are some of the
causes of overlooking safety measures as they are distracted from dangerous tasks. This
risk should be taken seriously for this can put your life in danger.

Risk Management Trainings

Planning an outdoor travel and adventure needs a risk management plan. Keeping up with
the industry is a great challenge particularly on companies, programs and organizations.
Planning a fun and exciting outdoor adventure is a risky task. 2007 Adventure Travel
World Summit is a risk management seminar that will train and equip people. With the
growing number of inquiries on risk management application, National Outdoor
Leadership School (NOLS) in partnership with Adventure Travel Trade Association,
initiated in getting industry experts to provide the necessary training.

This is great venue to explore and study the risks of taking people into wild and isolated
areas. With this seminar, organizations and companies can now equipped to travel places
with caution. This 2 day seminar that will start on October 2, 2007, includes scenarios,
case studies, self assessment tools where you can analyze and learn more about the risks
that could take place in remote areas.

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