Many companies using the balanced scorecard methodology have certainly found a very successful way to keep their customers happy. This is because by monitoring the performance of their company using the balanced scorecard, they are able to come up with better goods and more efficient services for their customers, which are ultimately the end users and beneficiaries of everything that is highlighted in their company ‘s mission statements and corporate objectives. From a simple framework for measuring performance to a full scale system that boasts of efficient strategic planning and management, this new player in the arena of performance measurement is able to transform any company into an organization that aims to serve,and in a big way at that. It is able to provide a framework that presents performance measurements, but also helps its users identify what ought to be completed and measured.

In addition, it allows many company executives to find ways to execute their performance strategies. Because of all these important changes that allow many company heads to do their jobs and reestablish their systems in a much more efficient manner, it naturally goes to show that customers will truly benefit from these innovations in many ways. Indeed, from the customer perspective they can truly attest to the fact that such changes do provide great results,results that not only make a company a more efficient system, but also trickle down to the rest of the populace as well. In such a system, these changes create a win-win system for everyone involved.

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