AESD’s Quality and Communications Commitment
? Professional, qualified technicians with ap- propriate credentials for the level of work performed
? Professional and knowledgeable manage- ment team to work in partnership and com- municate with the Army organization and government staff to provide best practices, process solutions, and workflow support for our customers
? Transparency of AESD operations in order for customers to monitor Service Desk’s perfor- mance
? Continuous operational analysis for AESD ser- vice improvement
? ITIL processes of Service Transition and Ser- vice Operations utilized in the on-boarding process of new AESD customers
The Army Enterprise Service Desk
?????“The Service Desk mission is to provide a strategic cen- tral point of contact between the Army IT users and the Army IT services being provided. A typical service desk manages incidents and service requests and handles communications with the users.
The US Army Cyber Command (ARCyber) and NET- COM support these missions by developing standard- ized IT function and process management plans based on established US Army policy, guidance, and proce- dures, and industry standard best practices.”
Source: The Army Network Operations Information Technology (IT) Service Desk Management Plan. V1 May 12th, 2012)
Tel: 866.335.2769
“The primary mission of the AESD is to provide the single point of contact for all LandWarNet IT service requests, issues, or inquiries. The AESD provides 24 x 7 x 365 support services to Army sites and functional organizations. It is the primary point of contact for LWN IT service consumers in CONUS thea- ter and is integrated with the Army NetOps facilities providing IT service operations within each of the thea- ters; and provides the focal point for coordination with Army and Depart- ment of Defense (DoD) support or- ganizations.”
??Contact Us:
Army Enterprise Service Desk
Phone: 1-866-335-2769
E-mail: [email protected]
??What does AESD offer?
Support Levels
??AESD Background
In March of 2009 the Program Executive Office, En- terprise Information Systems (PEO EIS) established the Product Manager, Army Processing Cen- ters/Network Service Center (PM APC/NSC) who was charged with developing an overall solution to provide a more effective IT support to Army users. PM APC/NSC analyzed the myriad of call centers and disparate end user Tier 1 through Tier IV support operations and determined that the Army required a comprehensive, cost-effective enterprise Service Desk solution.
In May 2012, the Army Network Operations (NETOPS) Standard Information Technology (IT) Service Desk Management Plan was issued. The Service Desk was declared as “an essential part of an IT organiza- tion; it is an important function for providing effec- tive and efficient IT services support on a day-to-day basis. It is the first and ideally single point of contact for users when there is a service disruption, for a ser- vice request, and for pass-through to other process- es”.
In October 2012, the responsibility for the Army En- terprise Service Desk solution transitioned to Program Manager/Installation Information Infrastructure Communications and Capabilities (PM I3C2).
Who are AESD Customers?
? CONUS and OCONUS Posts/Camps/Stations
? Functional Commands
? Enterprise Services (E-mail, Collaboration, Mo- bility)
? Enterprise Applications
? Army Knowledge Online
? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Incident Management—Tier 0 to Tier 1 Problem Management
Call Management
Knowledge Management
Service Requests Workflow Support System Reporting
* Enterprise, Theatre, Command, Installa- tion
* .mil and .com
* User Interface
* Customer Satisfaction Survey
? Professional, Technical Customer Support, 24x7x365
? Provide non-dispatched problem assistance and incident resolution via telephone, e-mail, web, or other online communication channel when available
? Collect contact and service request information, create tickets
? Escalate issues to the next support level as necessary, redirect misrouted calls, ensure consistent ticket updates, notify Operational Support Team Lead on critical/high visibility incidents, close/ resolve tickets, proactive asset infrastructure monitoring
Other services include:
? Problem analysis to help identify problems and notify the owner of the problem area and assist in determining the root cause
? Provide reporting and trend analysis of calls, tickets, users, incidents, and problems to customers as requested
? Provide workflow support via the ticketing system to ensure efficient incident resolution
?Expected Outcome:
? Governance Visibility
? Infrastructure Measurability
? Service Management
? Application Service Performance
AESD On-Boarding Process
AESD on-boarding Process based on ITIL Service Manage- ment Model: Service Transition and Service Operations. Strong emphasis on the Service Operations and the Con- tinuous Service Improvement processes. Proven common process framework utilized in the on-boarding of custom- ers.
???Contact Us:
Army Enterprise Service Desk
Phone: 1-866-335-2769
E-mail: [email protected]

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